Respiration – Inspiration – Aspiration

In a fast-paced world connected 24/7, travel is a more precious interlude than ever. An opportunity to take a break from the dizzying pace of everyday life. To breathe and review our order of priorities. To unplug so as to reaffirm essentials: ourselves, those we love, the unknown, the beauty of nature, life’s manifold delights. To realign our hearts, senses, minds and dreams.

Michel Reybier invites you to share his vision of an art of living inspired by excellence, authenticity and simplicity, through destinations that have touched, appealed to and captured his imagination. Whatever your desires, the Michel Reybier signature is a promise. A promise of reawakened wonder, enchantment, emotion, passion and elegance. Of enjoying the most beautiful experiences one could possibly imagine in Switzerland and in France… Extraordinary, richly meaningful experiences that will leave you with indelible memories.